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Motiekaitis, Nakas, Baranauskas, B. Kutavičius, Janulytė, Narbutaitė
Zoom in 8: New Music from Lithuania

Record company: Lithuanian Music Information and Publishing Centre
Year of publication: 2010
Media: CD
Duration: 61'06



1. Ramūnas Motiekaitis. Symphonie de Septembre (2009) 7'57
Latvian Radio Choir,
conductor Sigvards Kļava
2. Šarūnas Nakas. Icon of Fire (2008) 8'37
Agnė Doveikaitė (violin), Vidas Vekerotas (viola),
Giedrius Gelgotas (flute), Justė Gelgotaitė (oboe),
Andrius Žiūra (clarinet), Kristijonas Doveika (trumpet),
Danielis Rubinas (double bass), Sonata Mikulė (piano)
3. Marius Baranauskas. Three Visions after Tagore (2008). Ever In My Life 2'55
4. I Boasted Among Men 3'52
5. In My Salutation to Thee 4'07
Latvian Radio Choir,
conductor James Wood
6. Bronius Kutavičius. Sigitas’ Five Miniatures (2009). Awakening 3'09
7. Resignation 3'35
8. Twilight 2'19
9. Akslebanto Brilijanto 2'27
10. Time to Leave 2'40
Jauna muzika Vilnius Municipal Choir,
Vilnius Quartet,
Albina Šikšniūtė (piano),
conductor Vaclovas Augustinas
11. Justė Janulytė. Elongation of Nights (2009) 8'11
Sinfonietta Rīga,
conductor Normunds Šnē
12. Onutė Narbutaitė. Lapides, flores, nomina et sidera (2008). 4th part Corona stellarum 10'44
Jauna muzika Vilnius Municipal Choir,
Valentinas Gelgotas (flute), Domas Memėnas (trumpet),
Rimantas Valančius (trombone),
conductor Vaclovas Augustinas

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